Monday, September 5, 2011

The Last Time...

I posted a blog on this site was nearly two years ago? Perhaps I will need to do it some more. I have been thoroughly stressed out all year long by failed internship interviews, failed classes, and now a failing home life. I have grown to learn that ranting on Facebook is a sure way to isolate oneself from friends and outcast themselves as a narcissistic whiner. Don't get me wrong, I love my girlfriend to death, but things have been shaky ever since she got the most random (and time consuming) job. I'm not complaining about the job though, it pays her really well and if it wasn't for her job I would not have a phone right now. Had I known this twice a year job was going to become something she would dedicate herself to completely, i maybe wouldn't have opened a Verizon line with our iPhones.

But getting down to the real shit on why I've become a very negative and optimistic person about my career these past few years. Spring 2011 was supposed to be my final semester at Mt. SAC (which has been really good to me). I love the school and everyone I've come to know, but they have all gone on to bigger and better schools and careers. I'm still taking classes to graduate and transfer, meanwhile I have no work experience in radio and time is running out on finding an internship to supply me school credit. With the whiff of a semester in Spring, I failed 2 classes because of consistent attendance problems (Biology and Journalism 100). Though the Journalism class wasn't entirely my fault, I discovered I was allergic to bees in week one of the semester that sidelined me for two weeks and gave me trouble catching back up. The (for lack of a better word) bitch, wouldn't have any sympathy on a near graduate with 2 weeks of less class time and a living room floor of a pothead's apartment living arrangement.

Thus I am here again at the SAC. Having more wisdom and courage to not repeat the failures of the Spring, I rededicated my focus on my schoolwork and became reborn. However the biggest obstacle of the semester for me is my financial aid. I have been accepted to CSULA, CSULB, and CSUF for the fall, but the Bio class had the schools deny my acceptance. I was only two classes away from graduating and now I'm over credits to be eligible for financial aid this semester. This aid was supposed to be saved for the CSU that I do go to in the spring. Now I stand in limbo and I will have to find a way to pay for that. Anyways thanks for listening. Twitter Us?!

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