Monday, September 5, 2011

The Last Time...

I posted a blog on this site was nearly two years ago? Perhaps I will need to do it some more. I have been thoroughly stressed out all year long by failed internship interviews, failed classes, and now a failing home life. I have grown to learn that ranting on Facebook is a sure way to isolate oneself from friends and outcast themselves as a narcissistic whiner. Don't get me wrong, I love my girlfriend to death, but things have been shaky ever since she got the most random (and time consuming) job. I'm not complaining about the job though, it pays her really well and if it wasn't for her job I would not have a phone right now. Had I known this twice a year job was going to become something she would dedicate herself to completely, i maybe wouldn't have opened a Verizon line with our iPhones.

But getting down to the real shit on why I've become a very negative and optimistic person about my career these past few years. Spring 2011 was supposed to be my final semester at Mt. SAC (which has been really good to me). I love the school and everyone I've come to know, but they have all gone on to bigger and better schools and careers. I'm still taking classes to graduate and transfer, meanwhile I have no work experience in radio and time is running out on finding an internship to supply me school credit. With the whiff of a semester in Spring, I failed 2 classes because of consistent attendance problems (Biology and Journalism 100). Though the Journalism class wasn't entirely my fault, I discovered I was allergic to bees in week one of the semester that sidelined me for two weeks and gave me trouble catching back up. The (for lack of a better word) bitch, wouldn't have any sympathy on a near graduate with 2 weeks of less class time and a living room floor of a pothead's apartment living arrangement.

Thus I am here again at the SAC. Having more wisdom and courage to not repeat the failures of the Spring, I rededicated my focus on my schoolwork and became reborn. However the biggest obstacle of the semester for me is my financial aid. I have been accepted to CSULA, CSULB, and CSUF for the fall, but the Bio class had the schools deny my acceptance. I was only two classes away from graduating and now I'm over credits to be eligible for financial aid this semester. This aid was supposed to be saved for the CSU that I do go to in the spring. Now I stand in limbo and I will have to find a way to pay for that. Anyways thanks for listening. Twitter Us?!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Wrap on Week 6 in the NFL


With the Monday Night Matchup in the books, I could finally pick my players of the week and evaluate my beloved Denver Broncos!

First and foremost, the I cannot remember the last time i saw the Broncos win in Qualcomm! It's been a long time coming! Kyle Orton and the offense of the Broncs didn't look too go in the first half, moving the ball for only 120 yards on the ground and through the air. But that all changed once they were allowed to get onto the field for more than one drive a quarter! Thanks to Eddie Royal, Orton and company's night was easy and halfway taken care of. His two touchdown returns were enough to keep the Broncos out of trouble while the offense warmed up.

The defense of the Broncos had a shaky start as well. Phillip Rivers drove down the field on their first two possessions pretty easily for 10 quick points. But once again the Broncos' defense settled down in the 2nd half and only allowed the Chargers to score three points!

So to sum up this awesome night for Denver fans. We are now 3 1/2 games ahead of San Diego in the division standings and are still tied with the Colts for the best record in the AFC! Hopefully this game will shut up all of its critics... I'm looking at you Jeremy Green from the ESPN Football Today Podcast!

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NFL Week 6

Today was very telling for a few teams. Many took huge leaps forward and some took a step in the wrong direction! Yeah I know that its early Monday morning and that the Broncos and Chargers have yet to play today, but for the rest of the NFL, there was a lot of action going on! So lets get to it shall we?

This was supposed to be the reclamation of Mark Sanchez after his last two dismal outings against the Saints and the Dolphins. But every week it seems like Sanchez is starting to show more signs of being a rookie! Against the Phins, he threw only one touchdown in a tough 4 point loss, and against the Saints, he threw three Interceptions (twice to Darren Sharper). So it was only apparent that the best medicine for him was to take on one of the leagues worst teams (including defenses)! BOY was everyone wrong! The rook threw for a career high 5 INTERCEPTIONS and 0 TOUCHDOWNS in a 16-13 overtime loss to the happless Buffalo Bills. Oh did i fail to mention that the Bills' Quarterback Trent Edwards was injured in the 1st Quarter???? He sure was! and backup quarterback and Harvard alum Ryan Fitzpatrick came in and did a solid job! And the best of all this was... Terrell Owens was held to only 3 catches the entire game!!!! Talk about the biggest mismatch in free agent signing history?!

Jay Cutler did what he was supposed to do entering the final two minutes of the game, that was to drive them down the field and set up for an epic overtime clash, but like two redzone trips earlier in the game, this final drive ended with a turnover and a close, but no cigar effort for the Bears, who saw Cutler get intercepted twice (once in the redzone) and Matt Forte do something he has only done once in his short NFL career, fumble. Matt Ryan looked very comfortable in the pocket running a hurry up offense, minus his two INTS, Ryan did a good job and Michael Turner really helped him out. Unlike the Terrell Owens move to Buffalo, Tony Gonzalez for Atlanta is the best pickup in the offseason!

Where do i begin with this game? Lets put this into metaphors... it was a lopsided football game; picture, the Florida Gators taking on the UL Monroe Warhawks in Florida! 59-0! At halftime people were looking towards Vince Young as the answer to the Titans problems, but his 0/2 1 interception performance only confirmed Jeff Fisher's lack of faith in the young quarterback who has failed on every account at living up to his college hype! But surprisingly, Kerry Collins was worst than Vince Young! 2/12 passes completed for a total of....*drumroll*..... (NEGATIVE) 7 yards! When you talk about ass rape, this game would not fit into that category, because rape is too nice of a word to describe what the Patriots did to the Titans. Maybe the Broncos should be the ones to blame. Following the Pats loss last week to Denver, all of Bill Belicheck's frustration had to go somewhere!

Not much to talk about here, the Cardinals maybe the only NFC Super Bowl loser to get back to the playoffs in over a decade! With a division as weak as the NFC West, they could probably enter with a losing record! The Seahawks were supposed to be contenders for the Super Bowl this season, but like last year, are failing to live up to the hype of leading the weakest of all the divisions. Matt Hasselbeck was held in check by the League's worst pass defense and Kurt Warner ate the secondary of the Hawks for breakfast. By the way, the Hawks lose Pro Bowler Lofa Tatupu for the rest of the season!

Way to shut up Jamie Dukes on this one Oakland?! Dukes repeatedly and stubbornly continued to refuse to cover this game's pregame preview all week, because he suspected the Raiders would roll over and die! He HAS to give them an apology now! The Raiders, although allowing Donovin McNabb to throw for nearly 300 yds, kept the Eagles from getting into the endzone a single time! Flexing their defensive muscles and fucking up Brian Westbrook and LeSean McCoy! Holding together to silence a lot of critics and upsetting the Eagles 13-9. I still wouldn't say Jamarcus Russell is a good quarterback.. he isn't! Zach Miller had an unbelievable run to end the 1st quarter that boosted Russell's stats and the fans' confidence in him. Other than that, he had a subpar performance, which is better than anything he's done this whole season, and is still not going to take the silver and black anywhere.

The only intreguing point about this game was that for the first time in history, we saw Torry Holt face the St. Louis Rams! He had 5 catches worth 101 yds as the Jags barely squeeked out a victory against (in my opinion) the worst team in the league 23-20. The Rams are the only thing worst than the Jaguars new uniforms by the way!

Aside from the verbal fucking that Dick Jauron and the rest of the Bills' organization is getting out of billboards in the Northeast, Daniel Snyder and the rest of the Redskins' organization are getting an earful from unhappy fans regarding the controversial position of Jim Zorn as the teams' head coach and (now formerly) offensive coordinator. After they scored 6 points against the AFC's worst defense, the shotcaller in Washington called it quits and submitted that he would never call offensive plays for the team again! I agree, the Redskins should be lucky that there is only one team that is far worst than they are.... St. Louis!

The Panthers and Bucs aren't good teams, and let's not beat around the bush. Come December, this game is going to have 0 playoff implications whatsoever! Jake Delhomme is still a Pick Factory and Josh Johnson doesn't quite need to be labeled the new "Michael Vick" quite yet. He has a lot of growing up to do, especially with his arm! The only positives I took out of this game was the Panthers' running game! DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart ran like beasts today combining for 300 yards and showing that these Tampa Bay Bucs aren't the same old Bucs that Gruden and company were running in the early to mid 2000's.

The Packers blanked the Lions, 26-0. I still wouldn't get off the wagon yet and say the Lions are on the way up. Minus the Rams and Redskins, the Lions are still the worst team in the NFL (in my opinion). Good for Aaron Rodgers though, he nearly threw for 400 yards against this dismal defense and the Packers are still competing with the Minnesota Vikings for the NFC North crown.

I still dont want to accept the Bengals for being a team thats going to be in the top of the AFC by the end of the season. Carson Palmer has always had a knack for getting injured and when that happens, the Bengals lose their strength, their offense. The Texans managed to capitalize on this today, preventing Palmer from getting in the endzone and containing Cedric Benson (for the mostpart). But the real surprise to me came in the fact that the Bengals' pass defense just rolled over and died like that! Allowing Matt Shaub to throw for a little under 400 yards and 4 touchdowns! Maybe Shaub isn't so bad of a quarterback as i thought he was.. or maybe he has been playing very dismal pass defenses these past two weeks? Regardless, i saw this game coming for the Bengals who have won their past 4 games on very close calls.

Coming into the season with that overtime victory over the Titans was huge! However, now looking back at it, the Titans were not the team that they were last season then and even now. And the same applies to the Steelers. It was a very close competition a few weeks ago, because the NFL highlighted the beginning of the season with two unstable teams! The Steelers haven't been at the form they have been at the past few seasons. Granted their record shows otherwise, but they are lacking in offense, and their defense has been the only thing that has kept them in games most of the times! Today they were very close to being upset by the second worst team in the AFC, but thanks to Roethlisberger's big 400+ yard game, they are sitting atop the division all alone right now!

Call this the biggest disappointment game of the season thus far! The Giants (undefeated) heading into the New Orleans Superdome to face the Saints (undefeated) in a winner take all glory fight to settle the score of who's number one in the NFC! But only one team showed up! I guess all that preparation fucking up high school teams like the Raiders didn't get the Giants prepared as they allowed Drew Brees to throw up a nearly 50 burger on their defense! Brees was perfect and has been playing like Tom Brady from 2007. Averaging 3.5 touchdowns a game and making defenders look like mince meat! I expect the Saints to go far this season, because unlike past NFC Champions, they are true NFL royalty as we speak!

I saved the best for last! The first time the Ravens entered the Metrodome, it was a memorable shootout! The Ravens' Joe Flacco and Vikings' quarterback (who shall remain nameless) threw for over 275 yard days each! The Vikings, however, got one more touchdown out of their captain than Ravens from Flacco. The Vikes basically had total control over the game from the start, but a late drive made this game a truly memorable one! The Ravens would have won, if it wasn't for a shanked field goal by the Ravens' rookie kicker Steven Hauschka. I bet they are missing Matt Stover about now. Thanks to this missed opportunity, the Vikings remain unbeaten with their veteran quarterback.

And that will do it! I have evaluated each game, and I plan on doing this every week on here. Also, on my radio podcasts, The Weekly Quickie, and the GillyPod. I will evaluate tonight's Monday Night Game for you as soon as the game ends and tell you my thoughts and observations of the game between my beloved Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers.

Stay Safe Stay STD Free!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dodgers Update 8/11/09

Los Angeles- After picking up a huge win last night over the rival San Francisco Giants, the Dodgers are poised to add to their NL West lead. Lead by a huge 4th inning, San Francisco was unable to pull a late rally again Jonathan Broxton in the bottom of the ninth.

Following the win, the Dodgers improve to 31-12 against the NL West. Which is contradictory to their record against the rest of the National League at 28-24. The only way in which they will get to the playoffs will continue to come against their division rivals (Rockies, Giants, Diamondbacks, and Padres). They have an even 12-12 record against NL Central opponents (STL, MIL, CHI, HOU, PIT, CIN).

The Dodgers will need to end this trend if they want to continue to pursue the best record in baseball. Rumor has it that the Dodgers may bolster their depleted Starting pitching staff which features Randy Wolf, Clayton Kershaw, and Hiroki Kuroda. They are currently pursuing new free agent Vincente Padilla formerly of the Texas Rangers. Padilla went 8-6 for Texas this season, and maybe with a new club can see an improvement on that record.

Tonight on the mound the Dodgers have Randy Wolf going up against Rookie RHP hurler Joe Martinez, who is eyeing his third consecutive win of his career! If Los Angeles wins tonight they will have reversed their latest trend of dropping 4 of the last 5 series', as part of the mid-August grind that's so infamously dreaded throughout ball clubs.

wrote and researched by Gil Garcia

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